May 2016

We have found an opportunity to launch our own new brand, Another Level. This brand is an uptown sporty brand, who uses quality materials and honest labour to make an unparallelled quality of shoes. This brand is an endeavour of the youngest generation of the Zandbergen family. 

The Another Level brand is new on many levels, like quality, craftmanship, technology, look and feel. The result of this is a beautiful brand for men who have high demands for their shoes. 



Mar 2016

The showroom at our offices was ready for a make-over as well. We had a lovely showroom with a spotlight for all brands. However, to keep innovating in a competitive market, we have to keep a fresh image. We created a new showroom acoording to the latest trends on interior. We are looking forward to receive you as our guest in the new showroom in Spakenburg. Contact our sales department to make an apointment. See you soon!


Aug 2015

With the new selling season, we wanted to improve our showroom at C.A.S.T. at Nieuwegein. We've gained some outstanding brands and wanted to show them properly. That's why we added a new part to the showroom. This new part contains our adult collection from No Excess and Another Level. We think that each brand deserves special attention. Come to our new showroom at C.A.S.T.!


Jul 2015

We are proud to present a new line of women shoes for Summum Woman. Summum Woman will sell the shoes in their own stores and will expand in seasons to come to their wholesale and agents. Summum Woman is a stunning brand with clothes for the 'Women of the world'. 

Keep your eyes open for the first collection!



May 2014

Zandbergen Footwear has made a Facebookpage especially for her clients and business relations where they can download the brand images and photo shoots from the textile brands where we are working with. Like this all clients of Zandbergen Footwear have an easy entry service to use this images for advertising, web shops and the possibility to create support on selling...

Next to this, when clients give a like than they will stay fully updated for all the news arround Zandbergen Footwear, abouth the textile brands they are working with and some fashion future info...

Zandbergen Footwear, at your service..... 




May 2014

Zandbergen Footwear signed the contract for the license agreement with No-excess and introduces a brand new No-excess shoe collection for men. This shoe line is extraordinary of its youthful and fresh looks with a serious quality and perfect color use fitting perfect to the clothing lines of No-excess.


Oct 2013

The new site of Zandbergen Footwear is a fact. It has clear information and all services. As from now you’ll have the opportunity to have an easy view at our website. Here you will find more information about our different brands. A smart and perfect move with a clear statement. 


Sep 2013

Zandbergen Footwear signed the contract for the license agreement with Retour Denim de Luxe and introduced the new shoe collection for Retour Denim de Luxe. It's a very cool kids brand. Zandbergen Footwear made a perfect matching design for Retour Denim de Luxe.


Aug 2013

Zandbergen Footwear signed the contract for the license agreement with textile label Wild Kidswear and introduced the new collection. This shoeline is very special because of it's seamless design with the clothing. Wild Kidswear has remarkeble flora and fauna designs. It is a fantastic textile brand for kids.