Zandbergen Footwear produces regardless their own brands also shoes for other shoe labels and the textile industry. With our dedicated passion, knowledge and professional craftsmanship in shoes, we supply the perfect expansion for any textile or shoe brand. In this way we offer three different services, which can be combined.

1) Zandbergen Footwear has it's own designing team, which is able to empathize in any label. With our team we can design your shoe collection from the beginning or in consolation with your designing team to create a perfect fit with your next clothing line.

2) Besides designing, Zandbergen Footwear can also produce your shoes. Worldwide we work together with 28 factories and we are able to manufacture all kinds of shoes in different price ranges; from medium to high. All our footwear is assembled according to the Zandbergen high quality standards: Always the best possible result according the price, including quality controls and on time delivery. During the process we use our knowledge to check the shoes and make important improvements for a better fit. In the end, the best quality provides more and better sales.

3) Last but not least we are competent to sell your shoe brand (under license agreement) to retailers in Europe (especially the Benelux). We sell our own brands to more than 250 shoe retailers. For any textile or shoe label it is very interesting to use this benefit; maximum expansion in a professional way.

Zandbergen Footwear is the perfect solution, if you chose for your own professional shoe label without any worries. You will have a perfect start and a carefree process from the beginning till the end. Zandbergen Footwears offers you full service with complete support. We are very flexible and almost all options are possible.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for a first meeting or an open conversation. Discover what your options and possibilities are with Zandbergen Footwear.